Author of comment:  Mgr. Mgr. Jan Měkota

The last casino in the North Bohemian town of Decin is due to close in May 2022. At least that is the intention of the 2019 regulatory decree by which the city introduced the principle of so-called zero tolerance of gambling in its territory. What real impact the new ordinance will have on pathological gambling in the city no one can say. However, the loss to the city’s coffers has now been quantified. It is estimated to be at least CZK 30 million annually. Děčín’s efforts to ban gambling by local ordinances have already gone as far as the European Court of Justice, and the city potentially faces hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits if casino operators are successful. City leaders are presenting zero tolerance as a solution to the city’s gambling problem. Yet online gambling has skyrocketed during the pandemic, and anyone with internet access will be able to gamble in the city despite the new ordinance.

Read the full article here. The article is in Czech.

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