Rowan Legal

The arms industry isn’t a typical legal specialisation, however ROWAN LEGAL has been working in this field for a long time already. We provide legal consultancy to major multinational suppliers of arms and related technologies across the breadth of our specialisations including the issue of offset programmes.

ROWAN LEGAL also provides legal support to suppliers and customers of military and security equipment and related services – specifically negotiating agreements or securing official permits.

ROWAN LEGAL offers the services of lawyers with longstanding experience specialising in negotiating and negotiating tactics for concluding commercial contracts. Thanks to their experience and versatile focus, the office is able to provide comprehensive support representing them in court and arbitration tribunals which, due to the nature of this field, are complex and unique.

The specifics of the military and security field pose difficulties and risks to public purchasers and participants in the respective procurement procedures. The services of a law firm minimise the risks emerging from the specific character of this field and avert legal doubt which can have particularly dire consequences in this field.

How we can help:

  • Negotiating and entering into contracts regarding the supply of military and security equipment or providing related services
  • Organising public procurement and support participating in these
  • Obtaining and maintaining the necessary official permits
  • Negotiating with the respective administrative authorities
  • Legal assistance in negotiating and implementing offset projects
  • Obtaining permits and licences for conducting business in military equipment and trade for business and services concerning security equipment