On 15.4. the results of the prestigious international legal rankings The Legal 500 for the year 2020 were announced. The ranking is the result of a several month survey among the clients of law firms. ROWAN LEGAL has received 8 rankings in total (4 more than last year) and overall 16 lawyers of the firm were marked as leading experts or recommended.

In total, we were ranked in 8 areas and in IP and TMT, we were given the topmost ranking among TOP Tier firms. Other highly ranked areas were: Dispute resolution (Tier 2), Projects & PPP (Tier 2), EU & Competition (Tier 3), Project&Energy (Tier 3), Tax (Tier 3) and Commercial, Corporate and M&A (Tier 4).

16 lawyers from ROWAN LEGAL were marked as leading experts or recommended as such by the clients. Michal Nulíček and Josef Donát received the highest Leading Individuals awards for IP and TMT, Michal is also recommended for EU and Competition Law. Bohuslav Lichnovský was given a Rising Star award for TMT. Other recommended experts were Vilém Podešva (EU and Competition, Projects and Energy, Projects and PPP), Martin Janoušek (Dispute Resolution; Commercial, Corporate and M&A), Miloš Olík (Dispute Resolution), Vladimír Hejduk (Commercial, Corporate and M&A), Martin Šubrt (Commercial, Corporate and M&A; Tax), Lukáš Sommer (Projects and Energy), Jiří Votrubec (Projects and PPP), Ondřej Křížek (Commercial, Corporate and M&A; Tax), Lukáš Duffek (Dispute Resolution), Jaroslav Heyduk (Dispute Resolution), Jan Měkota (EU and Competition), Lucie Kačerová (Dispute Resolution), Simona Mlýnek Štursová (Tax).

About ROWAN LEGALROWAN LEGAL’s team has 9 partners. Its branches in Prague, Brno, and Bratislava have about 100 employees among which there are more than 70 are lawyers and an internal tax team.

For more information please contact Anna Trachtová, PR & Marketing manager, trachtova@rowan.legal

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