Rowan Legal

There is no guarantee that your business partner will stick to the deal but a good contract may ensure solid chances when it comes to potential dispute. That is one of the reasons why our clients are choosing ROWAN LEGAL to be their trusted advisor when closing their commercial relationships. ROWAN LEGAL expert team helps our clients to prevent redundant and money-consuming disputes arising from lack of professionally drafted terms when agreeing upon mutual obligations. Moreover our law firm can help with foretelling of different situation which may appear during the fulfillment of the contract.

ROWAN LEGAL acts as legal counsel in relation to all types of commercial contracts and aspects of commercial law. We find and discuss with our clients the proper business solution, draft the relevant contractual documents, and represent our client in contract negotiations.

Our lawyers are able to assist clients with contract drafting and negotiations in the Czech, Slovak, English, German and Russian languages. Many of our team members have studied and/or worked abroad, where they have gathered extensive experience from local law practice and from cooperation on the most significant contractual documents. Thanks to that we can come up with solutions for contractual issues aroused in a cross border business relations since we are familiar with the basic concepts of foreign laws, including common law.

We provide advice in relation to both the “usual” contracts (purchase contracts, contracts for work, service agreements, franchise agreements, outsourcing) as well as unusual „ad hoc“ contracts tailored for individual cases.

Many of our clients operate in regulatory sensitive fields; hence our deep knowledge of the relevant regulations is a must. Our clients appreciate our in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations which helps us to prevent the unintended situations and minimize the risks. Our lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of sectors for which the fragmented law regulation is typical, ranging from pharmaceuticals, financial services, food, regulation of the requirements for toys, to regulations imposed according to technical norms and standards.

How we can help:

  • Advising on the best legal model for the relationship with your business partner
  • Advice and representation in contract negotiation, both via business meetings as well as via services enabling remote communication
  • Analysis of client’s environment and drafting of multiple contract models
  • Drafting of contracts suited precisely to client’s needs
  • Solving related regulatory issues
  • Tax aspects of commercial agreements
  • Competition and IP aspects of commercial agreements

Selected references:

  • Advising a Swedish truck manufacturer regarding distribution contracts and other contractual relationships with its service partners
  • Advising one of the largest producers of beer and its Czech subsidiary regarding distribution relationships, preparing franchise agreements
  • Advising one of the major international financial institutions regarding contracts with a large manufacturer of cosmetics, advice on the transfer and processing of personal data of clients for their IT service
  • Advising a Polish air carrier in connection with the conclusion of the purchase and subsequent lease of ART aircraft from Czech Airlines, including negotiations with the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Consultancy to a French IT Company on issues of e-commerce and the establishment and operation of websites, contracts for the supply of software, privacy and advertising regulations
  • Providing on an on-going basis a major company in enterprise application software with extensive legal support for the client`s core IT business including a complete portfolio of template agreements, standard business terms and comprehensive implementation agreements for individual projects