Rowan Legal

ROWAN LEGAL provides comprehensive legal counselling in the area of corporate law to both national companies and national branches of global companies. Our legal practice covers the full range of this field of law – from long-term management of corporate matters, drafting and reviewing of corporate structures, modifications of corporate and group structures, company conversions and group restructuring to establishing joint ventures and closing shareholders’ agreements. Our lawyers have also gathered extensive knowledge in the matter of leasehold of a business premises. An essential topic in the area of corporate law is the responsibility of company bodies. Since the new Corporate Act has come into effect this question requires even closer attention and care.

The law team of ROWAN LEGAL focuses traditionally on the area of mergers and acquisitions; this is enhanced by long-term cooperation with investors and transaction advisors. During our practice we have been able to gather extensive experience in national and cross-border transactions. ROWAN LEGAL’S domain in this field encompasses companies from the following sectors: technology, information technology, telecommunications, intellectual property, education and real estate. ROWAN LEGAL’s specialists also have experience with the procurement or sale of family-owned businesses where the sellers are at the same time the founders of companies. ROWAN LEGAL also focuses on legal support for start-up projects.

We handle all transactions in a comprehensive manner, applying our knowledge and expertise from other fields of law. Hence, our transactional advice will cover all related areas, such as antitrust (merger clearance requirements), obligations towards employees and their transfer, data protection, obligations in drawing from European Funds, assignments of intellectual property rights and so on.

On top of our corporate advice, we also ensure, with the co-operation of our tax department, that transactions are structured in a tax-efficient manner for our clients.

How we can help:

  • Establishment of a company, winding-up and liquidation
  • Mergers, demergers and spin-offs
  • Transfers and leases of a business (enterprise)
  • Plant leasing
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Shareholders’ disputes
  • Joint ventures and other partnerships
  • Due diligences
  • Directors’ liabilities
  • Buying and selling companies of all forms
  • Tax aspects of transactions

Selected references:

  • Acquisition of a significant Czech transport company for a Hungarian investor
  • Acquisition of a Czech construction company specializing in energy construction
  • Acquisition of the manufacturing plant of a significant global producer of vaccines
  • Acquisition of a group of companies from education sector
  • Acquisition of a share of a company from the energy sector
  • Acquisition of a majority stake of a Polish company from the energy sector
  • Merger of companies within a media-communications group
  • Leasing a plant in the energy sector
  • Leasing part of a plant in the sector of waste management
  • Provision of comprehensive legal advice on one of the biggest infrastructure projects of the decade – a corporate and transactional solution for ensuring the operation of water supply in North Bohemia
  • Advising the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic on the spin-off of the ICT operations of Czech Post
  • Advising the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic on establishing a state enterprise

Corporate law, restructuring, liquidation and insolvency