Rowan Legal

ROWAN LEGAL provides full-service legal advice and legal assistance across the entire spectrum of criminal law. We help our clients – individuals and corporations alike – to identify criminal law risks in order to avoid the risk of prosecution for their actions under criminal law. Especially in the area of corporate criminal liability we find timely and sensitive implementation of preventive measures to be particularly effective in protecting our clients’ interests to the greatest extent possible without restricting the company’s operations. We also provide our clients with training and continuing education opportunities regarding how to avoid criminal liability risks.

We ensure that each case is fully in compliance with criminal law regulations. Our legal team can also evaluate each case from the standpoint of the potential criminal consequences of the matter at hand and how to avoid them.

We have also acquired extensive practical experience in criminal law advice with regard to unfair competition, anti-monopoly legislation, public tenders and public procurement, including the criminal law aspects of copyright protection. We also pay close attention to the relationships and overlap between related civil law and criminal law proceedings, if held in parallel.

If our clients encounter specific problems, then we represent them at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

How can we help:

  • Risk analysis on corporate criminal liability
  • Education as a means of eliminating criminal liability
  • Representing clients at all stages of the process

Selected references:

  • Represented developer R ALTRA in criminal proceedings related to IT and copyright
  • Represented software company CHAPS spol. s.r.o. in criminal proceedings related to IT, copyright and unfair competition
  • Provided training for top management and employees at EGEM and Profi EMG, including preparing internal guidelines for eliminating criminal liability

Criminal law