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We are dedicated to the defense and provision of comprehensive legal advice to our clients in all phases of criminal proceedings. We also specifically focus on the criminal liability of legal entities. We prepare our own defense strategy for each case with the utmost care. Our clients especially appreciate the persistence, determination and precision that we dedicate to each case without exception.

We also place great emphasis on prevention. In the area of criminal liability of legal entities, we achieve the highest possible protection through timely and sensitive implementation of preventive measures. All, of course, without a restrictive impact on the company’s own operation. We also offer the preparation of detailed risk analyses of any sub-questions and situations.

In the Law Firm of the Year competition, we are a regularly recommended law firm for criminal law. We have extensive experience, especially in connection with criminal proceedings conducted in relation to criminal offenses in the field of public procurement, competition and tax.

How we can help:

  • Representation and defense in all phases of criminal proceedings.
  • We prepare comprehensive defense strategies tailored to the specific case and prepare all criminal submissions.
  • Advice in connection with the criminal liability of legal persons and proceedings against them.
  • Preparation of programs focused on the prevention of crime (compliance programs) and ensuring the performance of supervision (compliance officers), including the organization of seminars and workshops.
  • Analysis of risks in terms of the existence of possible criminal liability for the criminal law consequences of any situation.
  • Representing injured parties and asserting their claims.

Selected references:

Defense of an accused party, prosecuted for crimes committed in the field of energy and regulated sectors in connection with the award of public contracts. Prosecution has been initiated and is being conducted for the crime of bribery and for conspiracy to award a public contract.

Defense of a client accused of a tax crime, of illegal tax optimization of a company controlled by the client, in the form of illegal reduction of the tax base and thus tax liability. The criminal proceedings were initiated on the basis of a notification from the tax administrator and were conducted for the criminal offense of reducing taxes, fees and similar obligatory payments.

Representation and provision of legal assistance to persons suspected of committing economic crimes. The alleged act consisted in a misuse of information and position in business dealings and in anti-competitive conduct in the form of a breach of trade secrets.

Representing a person suspected of being involved in an organized criminal group and stealing bitcoins worth more than CZK 20 million. The trial is being conducted for the particularly serious crime of theft by an organized criminal group and is one of the first cases in this area.

Implementation of a comprehensive compliance system focused on criminal law prevention. Subsequent ongoing maintenance and updating of the implemented compliance system, including the performance of the Compliance Officer function. Organizing regular training and workshops focused on prevention.

Criminal law