Rowan Legal

The area of corporate compliance is becoming ever more important for the businesses of our clients, which we are acutely aware of. We have experience with the implementation of compliance in various areas, from personal data protection through production to extensive anti-corruption compliance programs.

We help with the optimal setting of internal processes, risk prevention and management, the resolution of compliance incidents, and of course also in preparation for inspections by supervisory authorities. We can set up a compliance system to meet the requirements of the Act on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities and thus enable the company to avoid criminal liability for criminal offenses or to obtain a waiver of the remainder of sentences imposed. We also provide comprehensive services for the implementation of whistleblower protection.

In the area of regulation, we help ensure compliance with general legal regulations (GDPR, competition law, consumer protection) as well as with branch regulations in areas such as energy, telecommunications, banking and insurance, the pharmaceutical industry and many others. We can help both by setting up new products and services, as well as with the issue of downloading dangerous products. We can also advise you on how to respond to changes in legislation.

How we can help:

  • Analysis of risk factors in terms of compliance and the proposal of measures for their elimination.
  • Preparation and implementation of an internal compliance system, including all necessary documents, practical instructions, processes and control mechanisms.
  • Preparation and implementation of training for management and employees in the field of compliance.
  • Introduction of an internal notification channel and complete protection of whistleblowers in the company.
  • Support during unexpected inspections by supervisory authorities (dawn raids) and in actions by law enforcement authorities.
  • Representation before supervisory authorities and in court proceedings.
  • Checking compliance with the requirements for marketing products and services in the Czech Republic and worldwide.
  • Support in withdrawing products from the market and fulfilling related obligations towards supervisory authorities, suppliers and customers.

Selected references:


Providing legal advice to the client in order to ensure compliance with the principles of personal data protection, competition protection, banking regulation and consumer regulation (consumer credit, consumer protection) when concluding an agreement on sharing and processing the client data of all banks in the Czech Republic.


Comprehensive legal advice in connection with GDPR compliance, and regulatory compliance advice in the field of payment services. Implementation of a robust program of competition compliance and ensuring compliance in connection with the implementation of the French anti-corruption law Sapin II, regular support in the areas of personal data protection, payment services and competition law.


Ensuring internal client compliance by process control, documentation and preparation of a comprehensive compliance system including procedural rules for compliance incident management, whistle-blowing procedures, control and audit mechanisms, training programs, and consumer protection.


Comprehensive legal advice in connection with the pharmaceutical company’s compliance in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, sponsorship, competition, personal data protection and taxation.


Legal support for the client in the implementation of compliance in the area of ​​personal data protection, including the preparation of a DPIA for ​​assessing the creditworthiness of clients and screening employees.