Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) philosophy is based on the principle which governs the provision of all our services: to provide legal services of the highest quality. Social responsibility is not a mere additional option for us, we want it to be an integral part of our business.

Klokánek is a facility for children who need urgent help. Their mission is to protect children separated from their parents and to support such children’s communication with their parents during their stay at the facility.
Last year we brought many Christmas presents both for the younger and older children. Partners from the firm also got involved and bought a big refrigerator with a freezer for the facility.
We plan on some Christmas gift-giving again this year.

We have become a permanent collection point for Moment Charity Shops. We recently decided to support non-profitable projects in this way.
We have had a collection box in our office since October 2020 in which we place clothes and things that we no longer need at home.
Moment then sells them through its network of second hand charity shops and donates the money earned from sales to charities.

It is clear to us that a smoothly functioning firm that achieves the highest awards is a team effort.
For spring 2021, we have prepared a “mental hygiene” workshop for our employees where they will hear why it is important to take care of one’s psyche and how to do it. The agenda also includes the topic work-life balance, and burnout syndrome.
The workshop will include many practical tips and techniques that can be implemented immediately in everyday life. Attendees will also be given the chance to try mindfulness relaxation techniques at the workshop.

We are trying to help by doing what we are best at – providing legal services.