Rowan Legal

Since entering the digitalised age, the media has undergone a huge transformation. With the advent of new technologies and changing audiences, traditional information providers have to accept they are now confronted with a completely different world, not only threatened by the arrival of different formats, but also piracy and copyright disputes.

Audiences are ever more demanding, however much more fundamentally than this, readers, listeners and viewers have also become the creators of actual content. On top of this, the digital media has erased the boundaries between countries and geographical distance. This has led to a whole host of issues which international, and in turn, national law has to respond to.

Companies operating in this sector frequently struggle to find relevance and a strong position in a rapidly changing environment. We always strive to provide our clients with first-rate business-focused services based on a deep understanding of current legislation and the outstanding skills of our professionals. It is of paramount importance to us that our clients are satisfied with the solution we put together for them. For this reason the resulting solutions are based on extensive practical experience continuously complemented by newly acquired knowledge which reflect on-going developments in the sector.

We provide legal assistance to clients working in marketing, communication and advertising as well as broadcasting and providing services to the information business. We analyse aspects of copyright, advertising regulation (including specific areas of healthcare), while also advise providers of a range of services related to the digital economy and audio-visual producers.

How we can help:

  • Legal aspects and regulation of terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasting
  • Advertising legislation with special consideration towards advertising in the health sphere
  • Audio-visual work and related intellectual property legislation
  • Information company services including distribution of digital content