Our established ROWAN LEGAL insolvency and restructuring team focuses on creating business solutions that aim to maximize companies’ recovery/creditor satisfaction and minimize the risk of bankruptcy/debt satisfaction.

The financial distress of a company or business partner can require the immediate attention of experts in insolvency, taxation, financing, criminal law or litigation. For our clients, we provide the support of our experts working in these areas, while always proceeding with strategic speed. For this reason, our clients include all subjects of insolvency proceedings – from creditors, including foreign ones, through debtors, to insolvency administrators. Thanks to cooperation with top foreign offices, we also regularly provide our clients with advice on insolvency law abroad. An integral part of our services is also the provision of comprehensive legal advice in the area of ​​acquisitions of distressed assets.

How we can help:

  • Providing advice on the advantages/disadvantages of opening insolvency proceedings.
  • Defense against bullying insolvency proposals.
  • Bankruptcy analysis, including risk assessment of intended transactions.
  • Proposal of an optimal solution to a bankruptcy situation with a focus on maximizing profit/yield.
  • Representing creditors through insolvency proceedings to ensure the most favorable status and treatment possible.
  • Enforcement of debts through insolvency proceedings so as to achieve a fair settlement.
  • Representing clients in incidental and other disputes related to insolvency.
  • Comprehensive legal advice in the process of restructuring and reorganization.
  • Advice on insolvency acquisitions of distressed assets, including due diligence.
  • Preparation of legal opinions and consultations for insolvency administrators, including their representation in incidental disputes.

Selected references:

Representation of the insolvency administrator of debtors in incidental disputes with a significant foreign element, which related to receivables in excess of CZK 3.25 billion.

Representation of a major creditor in the insolvency proceedings of a bankrupt, including representation in creditor bodies, where the total amount of registered claims exceeded CZK 20 billion.

Representation in arbitration proceedings against J&T Finance Group SE in a liability dispute for approximately EUR 10,650,000 and a counterclaim of EUR 3,262,000 and related revisions and analysis of ČEB’s proceedings in insolvency proceedings against Slovakia Steel Mills, where the arbitration proceedings ended with the full success of the client (the total amount of the registered receivable of the client was more than CZK 4.4 billion).

Representing a Swiss company in insolvency proceedings, including membership in creditor bodies, and providing comprehensive legal advice in the area of ​​insolvency, where the total amount of registered claims was approximately CZK 100,000,000.

Legal advice to the company in defense against a bullying insolvency petition of a creditor with an alleged claim exceeding CZK 100,000,000.