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In the digital age, privacy and data protection have become legal areas in their own right which are constantly developing and spawning new technical possibilities.

At ROWAN LEGAL, we appreciate all these developments and also keep close track of developments in a client’s business as well as their related legal needs. Our clients are interested in the spectrum of new opportunities connected to cloud computing, BIG DATA, the internet of things, the use of biodynamic signatures, and many others.

The scope of our services in the area of privacy and data protection is extremely wide – we conduct audits and DDs in the field of privacy law, review internal data processing processes and rules, advise on all aspects of data processing, including the transfer of personal data abroad, and represent our clients in formal proceedings before, and informal discussions with, the Czech Data Protection Office.

We also advise clients on those aspects of labour law concerned with personal data processing, including employee surveillance and the protection of employee privacy. We assist clients with the implementation of various policies relevant to their privacy, namely IT, internet, social network and whistleblowing policies, as well as many others.

In this matter we are closely aware of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we devote our utmost attention to this matter and its consequences for the cross-border portability of personal data after the annulment of the Safe Harbor principle. We regularly present this matter at conferences as well as organizing workshops for our clients.

How we can help:

  • Comprehensive privacy audits, reviews of overall compliance with data protection regulations
  • Drafting and reviewing of privacy notices, consent to the processing of personal data
  • Drafting and review of data protection clauses in commercial contracts, transactional documents, and so on
  • Complex in-depth analyses relating to cross-border transfers and the processing of personal data
  • Representation before the Czech Office for the Protection of Personal Data, filing notifications of proceedings and filing applications with the Czech Office which concern consent to the transfer of personal data outside the EU
  • Drafting and reviewing of data processing agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing of by-laws concerning the collection and processing of personal data

Selected references:

  • Advising a global VAT refund company on the introduction of VAT refunds into the Czech Republic, specifically questions relating to the processing of personal data, regulatory requirements, processing and transmission abroad, preparation and revision of the relevant contracts and other documents
  • Advising an Italian bank regarding the administration of its client’s receivables and related questions on the protection of personal data
  • Advising a French energy company on personal data protection, the introduction of a whistleblowing program, regulatory and related requirements, and representation before the Office for Personal Data Protection
  • Advising a USA bank regarding an analysis of processes for a merchant acquirer, the status of each of the participating companies under the Czech law on personal data protection, and the preparation and revision of related documentation
  • Advising a USA bank group regarding the processing of the personal data of employees and other personal data, representation before the Office for Personal Data Protection
  • Advising a USA technology company on a number of issues regarding privacy
  • Advising a major international postal and logistics company regarding cross-border personal data protection and processing, including advice relating to the implementation and use of binding corporate rules

Data protection & privacy