Rowan Legal

The energy sector ranks among the most important branches within Czech and European industry. This, in turn, corresponds to legislation which is both extensive and varied. Hence our job focuses on helping ensure clients in the energy sector don’t get lost in the minefield of legal regulations. We also provide them with comprehensive legal advice concerning other legal fields which they may come into contact with when running small as well as large power plants and transmission systems or selling/ reselling electrical energy.

ROWAN LEGAL monitors the development of energy trends and changes to international, European and national legislation. For our clients operating in the energy sector, we offer legal services in mergers and acquisitions, forming and dissolving businesses, entering into contracts, selling and purchasing land as well as in dealings with government agencies including the Office for the Protection of Competition (UOHS).

Legal support is available to both foreign and domestic investors as well as suppliers in implementing projects to develop new power plant facilities, ensure their upkeep and modernisation of the energy infrastructure. ROWAN LEGAL also deals with legal issues surrounding international energy cooperation and also gives consideration to issues relating to the international transit of energy products and materials, plus energy security.

We offer a similar range of services to our clients whose core businesses fall within the field of water and waste management. In addition to statutory regulation, a whole host of subordinate legislation frequently applies to such clients, requiring certain modifications to their activities.

Our clients include ČEZ, G-Team ASE and more.

How we can help:

  • Monitoring of legislation and regulatory measures
  • Arranging contact with regulatory bodies
  • Negotiating and drafting contractual documents
  • Representation in negotiations with the authorities, especially in procedures for granting licenses or other permits
  • Tweaking relationships between producers, suppliers, energy customers and network operators
  • Legal assistance for recovering the receivables of energy companies towards consumers, i.e. resulting from unauthorised energy consumption
  • Legal services in the corporate sector and when setting up company relations within energy holdings
  • Monitoring amendments in European and national energy legislation and other special rules relating to regulation