Rowan Legal

New technologies are currently experiencing a boom and innovation is a key word which permeates all areas of human activity. For this reason we have an entire team of top lawyers specialising in the IT and telecommunications field dedicated to carefully monitoring developmental trends, constantly furthering their education and contributing to innovative projects which considerably surpass the standard concept of law. Based on knowledge acquired this way, we are able to provide professional services to various clients ranging from innovative start-ups, companies developing software, providers of cloud services to global technological leaders who are a source of inspiration to others in their fields.

We come with diverse and longstanding experience and as such are able to offer our clients an effective service and help in a great many areas including e-commerce, cyber security, implementation of information systems, cloud computing, outsourcing, telecommunications (including regulatory requirements) to the indispensible field of personal data protection, digital identity, electronic documents and computerisation of healthcare.

Our clients include major telecommunication service providers, software companies, digital content or cloud service providers as well as the recipients of such services. We also work with major state authorities and regulators, above all in relation to the new law on cyber security, the new eIDAS  regulations and European regulation on personal data protection.

How we can help:

  • Detailed legal consultancy in the field of licencing contracts, software development, legal relationships with programmers, licence audits;
  • Registration of trademarks, patents including searches
  • Risk analyses and legal assessment of the implementation of cloud services  (Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce and more) taking into account regulatory requirements;
  • Comprehensive legal compliance processing of personal data, outsourcing function of a data protection officer;
  • Legal support in implementing the law on cyber security and the new NIS guidelines respectively
  • Comprehensive contract documentation for implementing information systems, supplying infrastructure, outsourcing and software-as-a-service solution
  • Telecommunication regulations, interconnection contracts, the legal support of virtual operators;
  • Legal assessment of the competition aspects and support as part of procurement procedures for public procurement in the field of ICT
  • Support in court, arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions in the field of ICT including mediation