Rowan Legal

At ROWAN LEGAL, we consider competition law to be one of the pillars of the whole economy, as it creates the legal framework for its successful operation. In our office, this area combines deep experience from robust international and local cases with a broad knowledge of the Czech environment and law. That is why our practice is regularly recognized by Czech (Law Firm of the Year 2019 in the field of competition) and foreign independent evaluators.

We provide advice in this area to the largest companies on the Czech and global market, whether it is a competitive analysis of relationships, revision of contracts or representation before the authorities (ÚOHS, EK or courts).

We always try to advise our clients so that they might avoid potential problems. One of the ways of preventing problems is a well-established system of internal rules and procedures – a compliance program. Such programs include not only manuals but also workshops and training for employees, which are always tailored to the needs of the client.

How we can help:

  • Assessment of business relationships from the point of view of competition law.
  • Competitive analysis and compliance consultancy of intended cooperation on a horizontal and vertical level.
  • Analyses of the market environment and the conduct of competition from the point of view of competition law and the creation of a strategy to prevent anti-competitive practices.
  • Revision of distribution relationships from the point of view of competition law, the designing of functional distribution systems.
  • Training to prepare for dawn raids and ensuring we have a trained team of professionals ready to assist during on-site inspections.
  • Advice and representation in case of investigation / administrative proceedings conducted by the Office for the Protection of Competition, the EC or other competition authorities.
  • Competitive assessment of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, representation in merger clearance proceedings or, conversely, the processing of objections to mergers of competitors with anti-competitive effects.
  • Enforcement of competition law by private means, including representation in damages disputes.

Selected references:


Assessment of compliance of the conditions of an auction for frequency bands for 5G networks from the point of view of the regulation of public support according to EU law, preparation of a complaint to the EC and representation of the client in proceedings before the EC.


Representation of and advice to the client in proceedings for damages caused by the abuse of a dominant position by Google in connection with the operation of the Google price comparison tool and its privileged placement in connection with the decision of the European Commission in the case of Google Shopping.


Representing the client in administrative proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition in connection with investigation of the possible conclusion of a prohibited agreement in connection with consortium cooperation in contracts for ČEPS, a.s.


Ensuring support in negotiating the conditions of cooperation with ČEZ regarding the construction of a new EDU II nuclear power plant, including an assessment from the point of view of public support.


Providing comprehensive competitive consultancy in connection with the merger of competitors in the form of an acquisition, divestment and division of the target company within the framework of ensuring the operation of the client’s water management infrastructure after 2020.