Rowan Legal

The sporting environment has completely transformed over the past several decades, becoming far more competitive and frequently also aggressive. Legislation has also responded to this, the individual areas within which deal with relationships concerning sport. Nowadays sport law is considered an independent legal industry, found in national legislation, international law, European Union law, but also in the legislation of individual sports clubs, associations and organisations.

At ROWAN LEGAL we are well aware of the close relationship between sport and law these days. We are equipped with detailed knowledge of the relevant legal regulations, longstanding practical experience and carefully monitor current developments in case law, thus allowing us to provide quality services with a view to the specificities emerging in the field.

Using experienced professionals focusing on this specific area, ROWAN LEGAL offers a thorough legal service ranging from comprehensive legal consultancy for an individual athlete, consultancy concerning various legal aspects of sporting associations and clubs to dealing with litigation related matters on both a national and international scale. A number of our lawyers are also actively involved with the work of major sporting organisations in the Czech Republic including acting as an arbitrator as part of the Arbitration Board at the Czech Football Association with Miloš Olík, ROWAN LEGAL partner in the position of Chair of the Board.

We provide our clients with consultancy in negotiating contractual terms, protecting their reputation and in the field of organising societies and associations. Our work also encompasses the tax aspects of sport and sponsoring.

How we can help:

  • Preparing contracts related to sport
  • Preparing contracts connected to sponsoring and marketing
  • Handling disputes in the field of sport through mediation and negotiations
  • Representation in legal and arbitration proceedings
  • Representation in disciplinary proceedings
  • Putting together the complete rules of sporting clubs
  • Tax advisory service