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Mediation is becoming more and more popular as a method of dispute resolution. It is a highly effective means of resolving disputes out of court, where the parties attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution to the conflict. At ROWAN LEGAL we are following this trend closely and several of our colleagues work as mediators as well as providing consulting services and representing clients in mediation.

The goal of a successful mediation is to resolve the conflict in a way that satisfies both sides. Besides helping the parties find an amicable solution that is beneficial to both sides, it has other advantages as well: it is quicker, more efficient and more cost effective than a conventional lawsuit. It also helps the parties remain on good terms.

Mediation also offers the parties much more flexible solutions to disputes, because the whole system is based on dialogue where both parties are better able to discuss their needs and interests.

Mediation is a private matter and the parties meet only in the presence of their chosen mediator. The mediator is always bound by confidentiality, meaning mediation is suitable for resolving highly sensitive issues as well.

ROWAN LEGAL has these mediators registered according to Act No. 202/2012, on mediation:

  • Miloš Olík
  • Josef Donát
  • Lukáš Duffek

Our mediators have a great deal of experience in Czech mediation cases as well as those with an international element and always strive to find new ways to reach a mutually beneficial agreement even in situations that at first glance seem hopeless.

How can we help you:

  • Advice and consultations regarding mediation as an institute
  • Representation and support during the mediation process
  • Preparing mediation clauses to put in contracts
  • Mediations led by trained mediators
  • Preparing mediation agreements
  • Ensuring the enforceability of the mediation agreement