Rowan Legal

Within the ROWAN LEGAL team, Ondřej Brožek focuses mainly on the area of litigation, both within the municipal judiciary and arbitration.

Furthermore, Ondřej deals with, for example, the issue of the right to free access to information and, from dispute resolution, especially the area of unfair competition and the right to compensation for damage or the issue of unjust enrichment. As part of his work at ROWAN LEGAL, Ondřej has provided legal services in the field of disputes to major clients from telecommunications, e-commerce, construction, information technology and public law.

Provided legal services to the City of Prague in disputes arising from the Opencard project.

He participated in the provision of services to a major client in the market for comparing the prices of products in a dispute with an international company, regarding the issue of abuse of a dominant position and related damages.

Provided legal services to a significant Czech mobile operator in many disputes connected with entitlement to compensation against two ex-sales representatives.

Provided legal services to the City of Prague in unfair competition disputes arising from the provision and administration of public lighting in Prague.

He participated in advising public institutions on processing, and the processing of documentation related to the issue of access to information pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll.

He provided legal services to clients in disputes over the determination of rights to immovable property worth over CZK 80 million.

He provided legal services to a client, a state-owned enterprise, in the area of mitigating the consequences of mining activities, in a dispute over the determination of ownership of 1.8 million tons of tailings after coal mining.

Provided legal services to NESS Czech Ltd. in disputes over contracts for work.

He provided legal services to a client, public television, in a dispute arising from a work contract for Internet broadcasting.

Participated in legal services in the field of sports disputes according to the rules of the Football Association of the Czech Republic.

Title: Compliance program and conditional waiver of the rest of the sentence
Publication date: 02/2020

Title: The process of initiating a collective proceeding and the risk of a collective redress law.
Publication date: 02/2019

Title: Ways of Breach of Obligations Arising from Tenant’s Lease, Recodification & Practice
Publisher: Soukromé právo
Publication date: 2015

Title: Information duty of the entrepreneur towards the consumer in the new Civil Code, Recodification & Practice
Publisher: Soukromé právo
Publication date: 2014


Institution: Masaryk University, the Law Faculty in Brno
Field of studies: Law

Professional experience

Organization: ROWAN LEGAL

  • Associate (10/2019 – present)
  • Junior Associate (09/2017 – 10/2019)
  • Paralegal (08/2013 – 01/2015)