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Tomáš Rendl specializes in litigation within the team of ROWAN LEGAL in both civil and administrative law disputes. In particular, he focuses on civil litigation with a focus on construction law and real estate law, including contractual matters. Tomas also deals with litigation and contractual agenda with a focus on legal relations based on FIDIC contractual terms.

In addition, Tomáš focuses, for example, on administrative proceedings before building authorities, issues of misdemeanour proceedings in the area of high-speed vehicle weighing and, in the litigation agenda, the right to compensation for damages or the issue of unjust enrichment.

Tomáš is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Charles University and a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he obtained his engineering degree in 2019.

He is involved in representing a client, a construction company, in its dispute arising from a contract based on FIDIC contractual terms and conditions in the amount of approx. CZK 500. He provides comprehensive advice and services to the client, including strategy and planning.

Involved in providing legal services to client, a public broadcaster, in a dispute arising out of a work contract for an internet broadcasting service.

Involved in providing legal services to client in public and private construction law.

Involved in providing legal services to a client in the conduct of expropriation proceedings for the construction of public utility projects.

Participates in representing the client in proceedings before administrative authorities and administrative courts in the field of waste management.

Participates in providing legal services to clients from the private sector and public administration regarding contracting projects in the construction and transport sectors.

Provided legal services to a client, a state-owned enterprise, in the area of mitigation of the consequences of mining activities, in a dispute over the determination of ownership of 1.8 million tonnes of tailings from coal mining.

Provided legal services to a client, the City of Prague, in a number of disputes arising from the Opencard project.

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Institution: Faculty of Law, Charles University Karlovy
Period: 2016 – 2021
Field of studies: Law

Institution: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague
Period: 2014 – 2019
Field of studies: Construction Management and Engineering

Professional experience

Organization: ROWAN LEGAL, Law Firm Ltd.
Junior Lawyer (10/2021 – present)
Paralegal (06/2020–10/2021)

Organization: Advokátní kancelář RYBÁŘ, SOPPÉ & PARTNEŘI, advokáti, s.r.o.
Position: Paralegal
Period: 02/2019 – 05/2020

Organization: Advokátní kancelář OHB advokáti, s.r.o.
Position: Paralegal
Period: 01/2018 – 01/2019

Organization: HOCHTIEF CZ, a.s.
Position: Assistant to Head of offers department
Period: 05/2017 – 11/2017