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Vladimir Hejduk is a specialist in tax and corporate law and accounting. He provides comprehensive legal, tax and accounting consultancy to business corporations, state enterprises, operators in the nonprofit sector and state enterprises. He is a sought after, highly recommended specialist in discrete tax advice for individuals.

Vladimir has in-depth experience in the tax, accounting and corporate aspects of mergers and acquisitions, and operations of the business units in a number of large projects in the automotive industry, the hotel industry, ICT, water asset management, waste management and energy, to name but a few. The value of these has ranged from hundreds of million up to one billion CZK. In particular, he specializes in the dispute tax agenda and is dedicated to representing clients both in tax proceedings (tax audits, appeals procedure, etc.) as well as assisting with administrative procedure.

He further provides discrete individual tax advice to persons with elevated incomes or extensive property and is an expert in the area of ​​trust funds and trusts.

Other areas of law that Vladimir is actively involved in include legal and tax as well as the accounting aspects of the development, delivery and use of software and other intangibles.

Vladimir Hejduk is also active in the field of publishing and in the preparation of legislation in the accounting and taxation fields.

Provided comprehensive tax advising to the international car seller AAA Auto, a.s. regarding the due diligence before closing a transaction followed by a tax advising during the transaction process and transaction settlement.

Provided comprehensive tax advising to AAA Auto International a.s. regarding cross-border merger. The value of this transaction was 4 billion of EUR excluding VAT.

Provided comprehensive tax advice to Jihlavan – producer of hydraulic components for planes – regarding the acquisition with transactional value of 180 million of CZK.

Provided comprehensive management for Software IT Solutions a.s. in the area of taxes and accounting.

Management of tax and accounting agenda for luxurious private beauty and medical clinic Brandeis Clinic s.r.o.

Provided comprehensive reconstruction of the company’s accounting system and reviewed and corrected erroneously submitted tax filings or he client Wolters Packaging Czech. The cooperation still continues, now in form of comprehensive management of tax and accounting agenda.

Title: Sport and (not only) Labour Law, Pichrt, Jan et al
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer, Prague
Publication date: 2014

Title: Agency Employment in Complex Contexts Pichrt, Jan et al
Publisher: CH Beck
Publication date: 2013


Institution: Faculty of Business and Trade VŠE in Prague

Professional experience

Organization: ROWAN LEGAL
Position: From the company’s inception to a partner focused on tax, accounting and corporate law
Period: 06/1998 – present
Job description: Founder of a company providing services in the field of taxation and related legal advice, accounting, payroll and human resources consultancy

Position: Self-employed tax advisor
Period: 03/1995 – 06/1998

Organization: The Czech Insurance Company Inc.
Position: Head of the Economics Department of Plant Services Czech insurance companies Inc.
Period: 06/1993 – 12/1995
Job description: The management of the investment policy was responsible for plant services and central purchasing, central records and asset management, insurance and of the Czech management subsidiaries operating in fields other than insurance

Organization: The Czech Insurance Company Inc.
Position: Deputy Head of the Social Services Department, Plant Services Czech insurance company
Period: 12/1992 – 06/1993

Organization: Student Co-operative Services UNISET
Position: Member of the team responsible for inward and outward tourism
Period: 6/1990 – 12/1991