Authors: JUDr. Martin Šubrt, Ph.D., LL.M., Mgr. Ondřej Křížek and Mgr. Tereza Holubová

📣⭕ On 31 August 2020, the protection period during which creditors could not file bankruptcy petitions against their debtors comes to an end.

🕛 It’s time to check on your debtorsFrom the beginning of September, the protection introduced by Lex Covid to help entrepreneurs who had run into serious financial difficulties as a result of anti-covid measures will no longer prevent creditors from enforcing their claims in bankruptcy proceedings. Therefore, it would be advisable to start considering filing bankruptcy petitions against your debtors who show signs of bankruptcy in accordance with the Czech Insolvency Act and to start monitoring whether it might be necessary to lodge claims in bankruptcy proceedings initiated by other creditors. In some cases, this will be the only way to recover at least part of your receivables.

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